Reno Phil Classix #4: Prokofiev’s Romeo & Juliet

Prokofiev's Romeo & Juliet

I’ve pulled together my own suite of scenes from Prokofiev’s powerful and illustrative tale of forbidden romance. One of the greatest ballet scores in history and one of the Russian giant’s most beloved works, Romeo and Juliet is brimming with lyrical melodies and captivating drama. The concert begins with Mendelssohn’s enchanting Hebrides Overture, a tone depicting Mendelssohn’s 1829 excursion to the Scottish island of Staffa with its famous basalt sea cave known as Fingal’s Cave. Award winning violinist Adé Williams will mesmerize audiences with her performance of Bruch’s Scottish Fantasy, a piece known for drawing listeners into a musical world and allowing them to escape into a Scottish Fantasy.  

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